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ABOUT PA Soup & Seafood

With the opening of the Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House, Doylestown, already a dining destination, added a new star to its culinary constellation. Months before it opened, the buzz on the street was that “the soup guy was back.” The “soup guy” is Keith Blalock, who a couple years back ran the Cyber Stop Cafe on W. State Street, wowing his customers with his liquid creations and developing a loyal following.

Now Keith has joined with the Chad Riedley, who worked at The Cuttalossa Inn.  Like Rogers & Hammerstein or Craig Claiborne and Pierre Franey, the two complement each other; Keith, as head chef and Chad as restaurateur.


Their menu reflects the simpatico partnership as well. Because Chad favors seafood, Keith obliges with a daily array of Neptune’s treasures, such as crab cakes, charbroiled tuna steak, fried oysters and pan-seared salmon. I tried Keith’s favorite sandwich: charbroiled chicken with chipotle mayo, bacon, spring mix, sharp provolone on focaccia. The chicken was moist and tender, with the chipotle mayo providing a tangy heat. Variations on burgers abound, including a kobe burger and a bacon blue, as well as salads, pizza, gourmet sandwiches and hand-cut boardwalk fries, served in a cup—perfect for walking around town. Then, of course, there’s Keith’s signature soups—among them his creamy crab, an ambrosial assembly that’s in demand even in the hot humid days of summer. Among others are his meatball escarole soup, vegetarian chili, roasted garlic with shrimp, as well as a daily offering, reflecting both the season and Keith’s kitchen muse.

“Everything’s made to order,” says Chad, pointing to the open kitchen. “That’s why it looks like we’re going crazy.” Lucky for us, out of their craziness comes culinary delights."

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